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2015 - 2016 Calendar Options

School Calendar 2015/2016 Explanation

1. How are the numbers of school days determined?

The guidelines are set forth by the State of Illinois to include a total of 185 days. Of that total, 176 are required student attendance days. But also include:

  • 5 emergency days
  • 2 full days of Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • 2 full days of teacher institute
  • 5 half days for school improvement
  • 170 regular school days

2. How are the options different?

Two issues that are typically a concern in developing a calendar are when the school year starts and when first semester ends. Ending the semester at Winter Break requires starting earlier in the year. We have developed three options for a potential calendar for next year.

• Option 1 – Later start (Sept. 2), 1st Semester ends after Winter Break (Jan. 22), and the last day of school is June 9th.
• Option 2 - Start (Aug. 18), no school on Nov. 23 through Nov. 25, 1st Semester ends after Winter Break (Jan. 15), and the last day of school is May 27th.
• Option 3 – Start (Aug. 18), 1st semester ends at Winter Break (Dec.18), and the last day of school is May 25th.

3. Can revisions be made to the proposed calendar?

Yes, the committee will look at the results and feedback from the survey. Based on that feedback, the committee may adjust the final calendar that will be presented to the school board on Monday, February 23rd recommendation and vote on final approval at that time.

4. Why is the first day and last day a full day now?

The Illinois state legislature passed a law that requires the first and last day to be at least five hours. This eliminated having those days be one hour or a half-day.

5. Why are parent teacher conferences scheduled in February and not at the end of the 3rd Quarter?

Parent/Teacher conferences were moved to give students ample opportunity to review goal setting, provide adequate time for students who may require interventions before the end of the school year, and to give parents/guardians information on student progress earlier. (Please note that parent teacher conference format for elementary, middle school, and high school will remain the same as in previous years.)

6. How is the number of half-days for school improvement determined?

The district has had five half-days designated for school improvement in previous years. The proposed calendar again has five half-days, which will allow time for both grade level/subject meetings, and time to work on district initiatives. The days are spaced on the calendar so as to reduce interruptions and remain on Wednesdays, which is the normal early release day.


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