Update on School Safety

Attention Parents and Families: 

     As mentioned in the previous District parent communication, protecting our students is our highest priority and the Moline-Coal Valley School District is incredibly proud of its partnership with the Moline Police Department to collectively do all we can to keep our students and staff safe at school.

     Both District and Police Department Leaders have formed a collaborative working safety group that will meet quarterly this upcoming school year. Additionally, a District Safety Team and a District Threat Assessment Team, along with four School Resource Liaison Officers have a dedicated focus on student and staff safety. Regarding District facilities, all buildings are locked during the day with all entrances properly coded and identified for quick identification by Emergency Management Services; the Raptor Visitor Management system is in place for all schools, and each has active crisis plans and emergency go-kits in place.  Required annual drills for all schools are scheduled, including an off-campus evacuation drill that will take place every year with staff and every other year with students. Details associated with off-campus reunification sites are not publicized but District and Police Department capabilities for rapid automated messaging will help keep parents informed and updated in real-time. Lastly, all District and School Administrators will receive Incident Command Training from the Moline Police Department before the start of this upcoming school year. 

     A recent grant award co-written with the Moline Police Department is also in the process of implementation. The Omnilert Emergency messaging system will increase communication capabilities between the District and the Police Department and a number of Avigilon camera systems at intersections near our schools are currently being installed. Other measures planned for this year by the Moline Police Department include updated walk-throughs of each of the District’s facilities, as well as the coordination of an updated School Safety Assessment for each building. Lastly, drills and Rescue Task Force coordination will take place with the Police and Fire Departments along with Emergency Management Services. 

     School safety is never finished. It requires constant monitoring, ongoing professional learning and training, and attention to detail throughout the school year. Research by the National Threat Assessment Center shows that targeted school violence is preventable when communities identify warning signs and behaviors so authorities can intervene. It takes the entire community to work together, to communicate concerns and threats immediately, and to empower our students to speak up if they are made aware of a potential threat. Parents, students, and community members are often best positioned to identify and report concerning behaviors. If you know something concerning, we strongly encourage you to reach out directly to the Moline Police Department or the Moline-Coal Valley School District with any information regarding threats to the safety of our schools or our community. You can help save lives by reporting observed threats, behaviors, actions, and harassment.

      Here are examples of some of the most common behaviors and incidents to report:

  • Acts of violence, with or without weapons
  • Verbal or physical abuse, assault, or harassment
  • Sexual abuse, assault, or harassment
  • Threats seen on social media
  • Bullying, fighting, harassment, or intimidating behaviors
  • Bragging about weapons or a planned attack
  • Depression, anxiety, or loss of self-control
  • Hopelessness, excessive guilt, or worthlessness
  • Reckless behavior, theft, and petty crimes
  • Social isolation or withdrawal
  • Substance or alcohol abuse
  • Suicide threats, cutting, or other self-harm
  • Any other troubling situation or behavior

     You can report anything to the police or a school official in person anytime. We also maintain anonymous reporting through Crime Stoppers at 309-762-9500. Crime Stoppers also provides a smartphone application called P3 Campus Tips that can be used to submit anonymous tips. Again, the strong partnership between the Moline-Coal Valley School District and the Moline Police Department provides a significant advantage in supporting our community effort to keep all students and staff safe.

     Please feel free to reach out at any time with additional questions. 


Rachel Savage, Ed. D.                                                                            Chief Darren Gault

Superintendent Moline-Coal Valley Schools                                            Moline Police Department