Moline-Coal Valley School District No. 40

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Profile of the Desired New Superintendent

Moline-Coal Valley SD #40
Profile of the Desired New Superintendent

  1. Is genuine, highly visible, personable, transparent, approachable, accessible and open- minded.

  2. Will become vested in the community and will make Moline-Coal Valley his/her home and part of his/her fabric.

  3. Is a visionary leader who is forward-thinking and can inspire and empower others; leads in the development of both short and long-range planning to maintain a high level of academic and operational success in the district.

  4. Understands school finance and makes wise, equitable decisions regarding the allocation of limited resources; is creative and thinks outside the box.

  5. Actively engages in promoting the school district; develops and maintains strong working relationships with community leaders and groups, and seeks to create partnerships with local business and industry leaders.

  6. Possesses a strong academic background, is knowledgeable about curriculum, instruction and how students learn, and is dedicated to the education of the whole child; seeks to provide a wide variety of opportunities for all students to ensure readiness for college and/or career.

  7. Is understanding of the effects demographic shifts have on schools and academic environments; empowers staff members with targeted professional development to deal with this issue, especially with respect to ELL and social emotional needs.

  8. Is a team-builder with high expectations who holds people accountable, yet is supportive and collaborative without micromanaging.

  9. Is an outstanding communicator who can effectively use a variety of venues to keep all constituents adequately informed about not only the successes of the district, but also concerns that need to be addressed.

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