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Emergency Communication



Emergency Communication and Procedures

The Moline-Coal Valley School District understands that communication is a critical component for parents and guardians in the event of an emergency.  The District has a comprehensive plan in place to address student and staff safety in the case of disaster or lockdown. It is important that the community and District work together in the event of an emergency to ensure that this plan is followed.  Below are a few key points to remember.
  1. Parents and Guardians SHOULD be sure that contact information on file is accurate and up-to-date.
  2. During a real emergency, the District will make every effort to contact parents/guardians directly through the District’s mass communication system (Skylert), which uses the information on file.
  3. DO NOT CALL YOUR CHILD’S SCHOOL:  School Administrators will be busy handling the emergency and will not have time to take massive amounts of phone calls pouring in.  The Principal, Superintendent, or designee of either, will make every attempt to contact families regarding the situation.
  4. Communication regarding the emergency will also be posted to the district website.  The local news stations can also be used to follow the issue.
  5. In the case of an emergency, text messages to the student’s is preferred over phone calls.  In some situations, it may be necessary for students to remain silent
  6. Be accessible as the District will communicate information for students to be picked up in the case of an evacuation.  This communication will also inform the family when it is safe to arrive at the school (or designated location) to pick up the student.