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Parent Updates

Dear Moline-Coal Valley School District Families, 

The federal program that has allowed school districts across the country to offer free breakfast and lunch to all students regardless of income will expire on June 30, 2022. Since 2020, this program has eliminated the need to collect payments for school meals for any student.

At this time, the federal government has not extended the waivers for next school year to allow free meals for all students. As a result, schools across the nation will be reverting back to free and reduced-price meals based on income eligibility guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 

During the 2022-23 school year, families who do not qualify for free or reduced lunch will have to pay for school meals. Students whose families are eligible for free or reduced price breakfast or lunch will be able to access meals next school year at no cost or a discounted rate. 

Since this adjustment may create a financial burden on some of our families, we are writing to give you advance notice of this change. Between now and the start of next school year, our Board of Education, district administration and Director of Food Services will continue to explore ways we can help families with this adjustment. At no point would we ever want any child to go hungry at school.

At this time, we do not need any information from families. As we have done in the past, we will collect documentation at the time of registration to determine who qualifies for free or reduced meals. Thank you for all of your support this school year and have a safe summer. 


Dr. Rachel Savage

Superintendent Moline-Coal Valley Schools

Attention Moline-Coal Valley School District Parents, 
As promised, I wanted to provide some follow-up communication regarding the adjustments to our Covid-19 mitigations. As you recall, earlier this week the district transitioned from being "mask required" to "mask recommended" in all of our school buildings. This change was a result of the Illinois General Assembly's Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) declining to extend the emergency rules regarding masks in schools. 

In addition to this adjustment, below you can find information on the other revisions to the District’s safety mitigations related to Covid-19:

  • While masks are recommended but not required in school, masks are still required on all buses and public transportation, per the federal requirement.
  • For contact tracing a positive case in the classroom, parents in that classroom will receive a general automated message through the school’s preferred automated messaging system, such as Sky Alert, Remind, or Class Dojo.
  • For quarantining, only students with a confirmed positive case will be required to quarantine. We will no longer exclude close contacts or siblings of positive cases, as long as they are not sick. Regarding length of quarantine for positive cases, parents can choose for their child to stay home in quarantine for the full 10 days OR (as long as symptoms are improving) may choose to send their student back to school on day 6 and agree to have them wear a mask at school for days 6-10 from the date of the positive test. If wearing a mask at school is not an option for your student, quarantining for the full 10 days will be the only choice.

We will continue to reach out regarding any adjustments that may transpire in the future. Once again, I cannot thank you enough for your patience and support as we continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of this pandemic. 

Thank you, 
Rachel Savage, Ed. D. 
Superintendent, Moline-Coal Valley Schools

Attention Moline-Coal Valley School District Parents,  Spanish Version

On Tuesday, the Illinois General Assembly’s Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) declined to extend the emergency rules regarding masks in schools. After further review of this development, the Moline-Coal Valley School District has made the determination to begin easing some of the Covid-19 mitigations that are currently in place. 

Beginning Tuesday, February 22nd, provided there are no additional unforeseen rulings, all Moline-Coal Valley Schools will transition from being “mask required” to “mask recommended” in all of our school buildings. Because the risk of transmission of the virus still exists and the safety of students and staff remains a high priority, wearing a mask will continue to be recommended, however, it will not be required. Students, staff, and families will be able to make a personal choice based on their own individual needs and circumstances. Whether the choice is to wear a mask or not wear a mask, all choices are to be respected. Please note, however, masks will still be required on buses, per the federal transportation mandate. Finally, please stay tuned for updates regarding other Covid-19 mitigations such as contact-tracing and quarantining. 

The past three years have been full of differing perspectives, emotions, and at times, division. As this situation continues to evolve, please be sensitive to the individual needs of our students, families, and staff during this transition. Like all other challenges we face, we will work through this as a community. I will continue to provide updates as new information becomes available. 

Thank you, 

Rachel Savage, Ed. D. 

Superintendent Moline-Coal Valley Schools 

We are making some modifications to our District Learning Plan for the remainder of this school year.  Friday, February 18th, will be the last day for accepting any new applications to the District Remote Learning Academy. All current District Remote Learning Academy students will be allowed to complete the semester in their current learning plan. Beginning Tuesday, February 22nd, any student with a new medical condition preventing them from participating in in-person learning, will be required to submit an Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Hospital/Homebound application, with Section 2 completed by a physician licensed to practice medicine. The form can be found at and can be returned to the Student Services Department at the District Office. Thank you.Enter your text here...

Spanish version
Parents, late-summer heat can be a concern in schools, and wearing masks can exacerbate the negative effects. Please know the district is aware and watching that closely. Per Illinois School Code, an early dismissal plan is in place during periods of excessive heat. In previous years when the heat index (heat + humidity) exceeded 98% per the Child Care Weather Watch Heat Index Chart, non-air-conditioned schools were released early after 5 hours of instruction plus the lunch period. Because of the mask mandate this year, that number will be reduced to a heat index of 93% and will be revisited once the mandate is lifted. Should the heat index reach 93%, the following elementary schools will be released at 1:30 pm: Jane Addams; Butterworth; Lincoln-Irving; Logan; Washington; and Willard.  Coolidge will be released at 2:15 pm. All other schools will remain in session for the full day. 

It does appear that the local weather indicates we will hit the heat index threshold of 93% over the next few days. Therefore for Thursday, August 19th and Friday, August 20th, we will release non-air-conditioned schools early due to the heat index reaching or exceeding 93%. The following elementary schools will be released at 1:30 pm this Thursday and Friday: Jane Addams; Butterworth; Lincoln-Irving; Logan; Washington; and Willard.  Coolidge will be released at 2:15 pm. All other schools will remain in session for the full day this Thursday and Friday.
Thank you. 

Spanish version 
Attention Parents and Guardians, 
Welcome to the new 2021-2022 school year! I would like to speak for all district staff in saying we are so glad to be back and fully open. Engaging our students in face-to-face teaching and learning is essential, and we are beyond grateful that our schools will be open for full days, five days per week. As we launch back into what we hope will be a “normal” school year, I wanted to provide the following updates and reminders. 

Free Resources 
Thank you to our partners at Metrolink as they are offering free rides to and from school for all students for the entire first semester. Also, the national school lunch program has made all meals free at school for all students for the entire school year. We really encourage all students to join us for breakfast and lunch each day for a warm nutritious meal. 

Health and Safety
In addition to the statewide mask mandate for schools, the district will implement a number of additional health and safety guidelines. While we all seek a “normal” year, we continue to place the health and safety of our students and staff as the highest priority. The health and safety guidelines for the 2021-2022 year can be found on our district website under the Covid-19 tab, at

Regular School Hours and Early Release Wednesdays
As a reminder, we will be following a normal school schedule with regular full-length school days. Elementary school hours are from 7:55am-2:40pm; Middle School hours are from 8:05am-3:04pm; and High School hours are from 8:10am-3:00pm. 

We will also be reverting back to our early release Wednesday schedules. This is an important time for professional learning for teachers and staff. On Wednesdays, Elementary Schools will release at 1:30 pm; Middle Schools will release at 2:04 pm; and High Schools will release at 2:15 pm. 

Emergency Federal Relief Funding 
Families and community members can find more detailed information regarding the emergency federal relief funding the district has received and will receive, on the district website under the Covid-19 tab. While we have not yet received the largest portion of these funds, plans are in place to dedicate the majority of the funding in two primary areas. 

First, the district has hired approximately 60 new certified teachers to assist district students in the learning recovery process. A teacher is the absolute best resource we have to meet students' individual needs and these additional professionals will ensure our students get the extra attention they require. We are grateful these educators have chosen the Moline-Coal Valley Schools to work and serve. 

The other primary funding priority is air quality and ventilation. This summer was busy with our largest district air-conditioning project, the HVAC (air conditioning) project at Moline High School. It will be complete just in time for the start of school next Tuesday.  MHS is now fully air-conditioned. This fifteen million dollar project was a massive multi-year undertaking that covered approximately 400,000 square feet. The next two summers will then be focused on air-conditioning six additional district schools. This is amazing progress and we are grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime special funding opportunity to expedite the Board of Education’s goal of having our schools temperature controlled. 

Lastly, many other maintenance projects took place over this summer in efforts to continuously improve the facilities in our district. These projects included new ceilings and LED lighting at Lincoln-Irving and Logan; new safety doors and hardware at Jane Addams and Washington; old carpet removed out of Roosevelt classrooms with new vinyl tile installed; new boilers at Willard and Allendale; and in addition to the completion of the air-conditioning of MHS, the high school also received new ceilings and LED lighting. Renovation of the A-Wing of MHS is slated for this winter in preparation for eventually housing the program currently located at Coolidge, beginning next August. These projects exemplify many exciting changes as the district continues to work toward its multi-year plan of achieving equitable learning environments for all students. 

Community Conversations
For the past two years, the district has extended additional opportunities to connect with parents, families, and community members. We have hosted “community conversations” both in-person and virtually. Because we have received such excellent feedback from parents for making this platform available, the plan is to continue and offer (at least quarterly) district community conversations events. Please look out for those announcements as we love to hear from you and engage with you as our partners. 

Remind App 
Finally, please remember to register for the Remind app. This is a quick and easy way that the district can provide small bites of quick important information. We will also continue to use the district Sky Alert system for longer messages. Transparency and effective communication continue to be top priorities for our district. 

On the evening of Monday, August 16th, all schools will be hosting “unpack your backpack” nights or open house-type events to welcome back students and their families. Be sure to check with your child’s school for specific times and other details. With that, I wish you a happy and safe new school year and will continue to communicate with you as often as needed, helping you feel safe and informed. We can’t wait to welcome our students back on the first day of school, Tuesday, August 17th. Thank you, 

Dr. Rachel Savage
Superintendent, Moline-Coal Valley Schools

Dear Parents and Guardians, 
With the new school year right around the corner, I wanted to reconnect with families and welcome them to the 2021-2022 year. While I am guessing most families have seen the news by now, I want to ensure that all are aware that in light of Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker’s recent executive order requiring masking in schools for students, teachers, staff, and visitors at pre-kindergarten-12th grade schools, the Moline-Coal Valley School District will require masks for all district staff and students until such a time the mandate is lifted. At that time, mask guidelines will be reviewed and determined based on the conditions of the pandemic. 

The effective date for the mask requirement for students will be the first day of school on August 17th, unless your student is attending in-person orientation events prior to the first day of school. Masks will be required for those events. Basically, indoor events and activities are "mask required", outdoors is not required. Additional health and safety guidelines will soon follow but I wanted to share the above information with you now, regarding masks. On a positive note (as of now) in classrooms where all are fully masked and distancing as much as the classroom size allows, far fewer will be required to quarantine should a positive case of Covid-19 emerge, as long as students remain symptom free. This is a major improvement from last year toward keeping kids in school.

While the mask requirement is not the news many wanted to hear, I don’t expect any changes to our district’s reopening plan. I urge our families and community to focus on what is most important and that is fully opening our schools, five days per week, for full school length days and then keeping them open. Re-engaging our students full time in the classroom is our most urgent priority and we cannot wait to welcome our students and families back on August 17th. 

As always, we will continue to monitor the situation and update you on any changes or developments. Thank you for your support of our students and staff, and I look forward to a new school year!  

Dr. Rachel Savage, Superintendent, Moline-Coal Valley Schools 

Spanish Version
Parents, the district is hosting another student Covid-19 vaccination clinic this summer. This is a free and optional choice for families of students 12 years of age and older. Students will be able to get their first dose on August 5th at the John Deere Middle School Cafeteria from 8:00 am-12:00 pm and the second dose on August 26th at the Bartlett Performing Arts Center, from 1 pm to 4 pm. The link to sign up is here. The choice to have students vaccinated remains with the family, however, please consider this option as a way to avoid any required quarantining in the fall due to any possible exposures to the virus. Fully vaccinated students will NOT have to quarantine if identified as a close contact to a positive case, as long as they are not showing symptoms. Thank you. 

Spanish version
Attention Parents and Guardians, we hope the summer is proving to be a safe and relaxing one for all of you. We wanted to take a moment to share a few reminders.

  • First, we are having a student vaccination clinic at the John Deere Middle School Cafeteria this summer. The first dose will be on July 15th and the second dose will be on August 5th. Both clinics will run from 8am-12pm and the link to sign up is here. The choice to have students vaccinated remains with the family, however, please consider this option as a way to avoid any required quarantining in the fall due to any possible exposures to the virus. 
  • Next, please be reminded that we will go back to a full in-person schedule for all students this fall for full school length days. The District Remote Learning Academy will only be an option for those students deemed medically at-risk by a physician. The deadline to enroll in full-time remote learning at home is August 1st. To have the enrollment be approved, families must complete the application through the student’s Skyward account and submit a medical verification letter signed by a physician to the Moline-Coal Valley District Office (1619 11th Ave). 
  • Lastly, all returning families should complete the online registration process for each student for the 2021-2022 school year. The registration portal can be found on the district website under the “Parents” tab. All NEW students to the district and kindergarten students should attend the in-person registration event at Wilson Middle School on July 27th and 28th.

Thank you and have a great summer, 

Dr. Rachel Savage, Superintendent of Schools

Spanish version
Thank you parents and families for all of your hard work this year. It was challenging on so many levels but we got through it together. I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and sacrifice to help your student(s) find success this school year. We value our parents as partners and cannot do it alone. This year really proved that. I wanted to share one last parent update to close out the year and to provide some updates to help you be more informed as you launch into summer:

  1. Registration for all 2021-2022 returning students is now available online and can be found under the Parents Tab, on the district website. 
  2. It will remain a parent choice to have your student vaccinated. If you choose to vaccinate your student that is age 12 and up, we are hosting another clinic. The first dose will be on July 15th and the second dose will be on August 5th. The clinic will be held in the John Deere Cafeteria from 8-12 pm each of those days. Please keep in mind that a fully vaccinated student will not have to quarantine this fall should they become exposed and not showing symptoms. Here is the sign up form for the clinic should you choose to participate.
  3. As a reminder, learning plans for fall are posted on the district website under the Covid-19 tab. We are placing our focus on having all schools open this fall for five days per week and full school length days. On the website, you will find the Fall Learning Plans at a Glance, the flyer for the District Remote Learning Academy, and the Medical Verification letter for those applying for the District Remote Learning Academy. Enrollment for the Remote Learning Academy closes August 1st and only those students deemed medically at risk by a physician or living with someone medically at risk, will qualify.
  4. We are anxiously awaiting guidance from the Illinois Dept. of Public Health regarding what health and safety rules will be in place by the end of August and will keep you informed as any new details emerge. 
  5. Lastly, we very much looking forward to welcoming all students back to school in the fall. We are planning ahead for the academic recovery process and meeting students’ social-emotional needs. The district has invested in several additional certified teachers at each school to assist with this important work. These teachers, along with our new District Remote Learning Academy teachers are being paid for with the emergency relief funding that we have received from the federal government. More details on that funding can be found on the district website under the Covid-19 tab.

Thank you so very much and have a great summer.

Rachel Savage, Superintendent of Schools

Attention MCV Families,  Spanish version

As we close out the remaining weeks of what has proven to be an incredibly challenging school year, I want to provide some final words of encouragement to students and their families. The last day of school is May 28th and you have all worked so hard to get to the finish line. Thank you for all of your hard work, collaboration, and patience as we wrap up yet another school year during a global pandemic. I hope for a strong and safe finish for all of MCV students and staff. As we near the end of one year, we are already looking ahead to the next one. You may have questions regarding the fall and what learning plans will be available to students. This communication will provide a broad overview for fall so parents can begin to plan. Essentially, we are focusing on in-person learning and the academic recovery process. As of now, we intend to have our schools fully open in the fall, five days per week for full school length days. Full-time remote learning at home for the 2021-2022 year will be available, however, only to those students that qualify. To qualify, parents will need to verify that their student or a member of the student’s immediate household is medically at-risk and therefore needs to learn from home full-time. A verification letter must be signed by a licensed medical or mental health care provider.  Below you will find three documents: 2021-2022 Learning Plans at a Glance; The 2021-2022 District Remote Learning Academy Flyer; and a copy of the Physician Verification Letter. The application to apply for the 2021-2022 District Remote Learning Academy opens on Monday, May 17th in your student’s Skyward account and closes on August 1st. Once the application for the District Remote Learning Academy has been completed in Skyward, it will not be marked approved until the Physician Verification letter has been received in the Student Services Department at the District Office (1619 11th Ave). Additional parent communication will be sent on Monday, May 17th. 

Thank you and have a good evening, 

Rachel Savage

Superintendent  MCV#40

Spanish 2021-2022 Learning Plans at a Glance
Spanish 2021-2022 District Remote Learning Academy Flyer
Physician Verification Letter (English only)

Attention Families,   Spanish version 
I wanted to share the finalized schedule for 4th quarter which begins Monday, March 29th. Thank you for all of the input that was provided during the planning process. We have kept safety, equity, and parent choice in our focus the entire year. The schedule below for 4th quarter meets the request of the majority of parents to offer more in-person learning. This schedule allows going from two days of in-person learning up to five. Finally, this schedule offers flexibility and choice for those families continuing to choose full remote learning for the remainder of the school year. Here are the details:

~Beginning Monday, March 29th, all students in grades K-12 that are attending in person may begin attending 5 days per week, Monday-Friday. Dismissal times will be kept the same as they are now: Elementary will dismiss at 12:10, middle school will dismiss at 12:15, and high school will dismiss at 12:25. The district still has over 2000 students in full-time remote learning at home. Teachers will use the time in the afternoons to tend to the learning needs of full-time remote learners, as well as conduct small group interventions and credit or skill recovery for students identified for extra support.
~Lunch will continue to be available in a grab-and-go style for students at dismissal. Students may also choose to stay and eat a hot lunch.
~Any student in full-time remote learning at home who wants to finish the year in full-time remote learning, no action is needed. If a full remote student wants to begin attending in person 4th quarter, the form for opting back in can be found in your Skyward account. The window for opting back in for 4th quarter will begin tomorrow, March 11th, and will close next Friday, March 19th.
~We continue to value the health and safety of our students and staff and are committed to following all safety mitigations, including mask-wearing. Regarding social-distancing requirements, the State Departments of Health and Education have recently reduced the required minimum distance apart from 6 feet down to 3 feet in classrooms and other areas around the school. This will allow the critical space needed to safely accommodate more in-person learning for students. Any other changes to safety guidelines will be shared as they become available.

It has been a challenging year filled with one difficult decision after another. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we navigate these last schedule changes for the year. Please contact your school with any follow-up questions.

Rachel Savage, Superintendent

Parents, a message was sent yesterday to give as much notice as possible that due to hundreds of staff getting the 2nd dose of the vaccine this weekend, there would be a full remote learning day this coming Monday. We were just informed that the doses did not arrive due to weather delays in shipping, which is out of our control. The right thing to do is to now allow for Group A students to attend school in person on Monday, should you choose. Many may have made other plans already, however, we wanted to at least provide parents with the option. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

Attention Parents,  Spanish version

I hope you are all staying safe and warm. I wanted to send an update to provide some important information regarding our revised learning plans for the remainder of the year.

  • Thank you for participating in our parent pre-planning survey. We received over 2000 responses. Over 90% of blended learning parents indicated they prefer more in-person learning for their students. Approximately 70% of parents indicated they felt comfortable with their kids eating lunch at school. Lastly, about 70% of parents indicated they preferred as much in-person learning as possible for 4th quarter, 15% of parents preferred a blended model for 4th quarter, and 15% of parents indicated they would keep their children home in full-time remote learning for the remainder of the year.
  • We have taken this feedback to heart and designed learning opportunities for the rest of the school year that meet as many student and family needs as possible.
  • These revised learning plans keep Safety, Equity, and Choice at the forefront of decision making. For SAFETY, we will continue to adhere to all safety mitigations required by the Illinois Dept. of Health, IL Dept. of Education, and the Governor’s office. A focus on EQUITY permits us to specifically design learning plans that reflect the needs of students at different levels rather than a one size fits all approach. Parent CHOICE remains vital and a common theme throughout. Full remote learning will continue to be an option for the rest of the semester.
  • Below you will find the plan for increasing in-person learning for blended students for the remainder of the semester:
    • March 2 - 19th (3 Weeks) All Elementary blended students in grades K-5 will be able to combine Groups A and B and begin attending for 4 days per week Monday-Thursday with the same dismissal time as now. Fridays will remain a full remote learning day for now. Secondary blended students (grades 6-12) will not have any changes during these 3 weeks and will keep the same schedule as they have now. They will continue with synchronous learning during this time, logging into live lessons at their regularly scheduled class times. 
    • Spring Break March 22-26
    • March 29th- May 28th (9 Weeks) This is the start of 4th quarter. ALL Elementary and Secondary blended students in grades K-12 will combine Groups A and B and attend 5 days per week Monday-Friday. Please respond to the final feedback survey to help the district determine how best to achieve this goal. This final feedback survey will close Friday, February 26th. All final 4th quarter options ensure lunch can be provided safely and time is provided during the day for teachers to address the needs of full remote learners.  
  • Choices - For 4th quarter, if options are chosen where elementary in-person students will be offered lunch during the school day, parents with a safety concern at lunchtime, may choose to pick up their child early. Secondary students will have the option of a grab and go lunch or to stay and eat at school in groups of 50 as the rules require. If parents of in-person blended students are no longer comfortable with the combined classes, they may opt out to full remote learning at home. The only thing that is asked is that once 4th quarter begins, it will be expected that students complete the year in the learning plan they selected at the beginning of the quarter. If families have specific questions, concerns, or individualized needs, please reach out to your building principal so a solution can be worked through together.
  • Lastly, these increases to in-person learning are only a week and a half away. Before that, however, approximately 650 district teachers, staff, and principals are slated to get the second dose of the Moderna vaccine over the next two weekends. The second dose of this vaccine is proving to pose a much higher risk of adverse reactions and with greater frequency. With this in mind, the district is potentially facing a significant staff shortage on Monday, February 22nd and Monday, March 1st. To be the safest possible and to ensure we do not put student safety and supervision at risk, I have to call for two final full remote learning days for all students on Monday, February 22nd and Monday, March 1st. These two Mondays will be the same as our full remote Fridays.
  • Here is a one-page flyer to highlight all of the changes described above. one-page flyer spanish version

We are so very close and have come so far. Your understanding and patience continue to be appreciated during this most challenging time. Ensuring safety as we prepare to increase in-person learning is of the highest priority. 

Thank you, 

Rachel Savage

Attention MCV Families, Spanish version
Due to the poor condition of the roadways, the district will cancel in-person learning for Group A students for tomorrow, Tuesday, January 26th. ALL district students will have a full day of remote learning at home. For elementary students, please check out the learning hubs or for communication from teachers regarding virtual lessons and learning activities for the day. For secondary students, please log on virtually to your classes at the regularly scheduled class times. Thank you and be safe.

Attention MCV Parents and Guardians,  Spanish version

Happy New Year! The previous calendar year has challenged us in so many ways and I am certain many are not sad to see it go. We have learned so much about ourselves, our community, and most importantly, the fighting spirit of our students and families. As we look ahead to re-opening our doors for in-person learning, there is a strong sense of hope and optimism for the future. We know how difficult remote learning has been and we are beyond thrilled to see our students again soon. Here are a few updates and reminders for your information:  

  • Return to in-person learning date- Today is our final day of full remote learning for all students. Monday, January 18th is a non-school day on the district calendar in observance of the MLK holiday. Blended in-person learning will resume on Tuesday, January 19th. This is also the start of Quarter 3 and Semester 2. Group A students (last name A-L) will continue to attend Mondays and Tuesdays and Group B (last name M-Z) will continue to attend Wednesdays and Thursdays. Friday, for now, will continue to be a full remote day for all students. With returning to in-person learning, educator vaccines right around the corner, and a steady drop in positive cases in our region and our county, we are right to be looking ahead. Options for expanding in-person learning are currently being developed and will be put forth to all parents and all staff in a survey in the coming few weeks for input. Your voice continues to play a vital role in decision-making and we are excited to be able to expand more in-person learning time for students soon. 
  • Opting back in for quarter 3- If your family chose full-time remote learning at the beginning of quarter 1 or quarter 2, you have received an opt back in form to your Skyward account. If you would like to begin sending your student to school for in-person learning, please complete the form as soon as possible. Students are strongly encouraged to attend in-person for their blended learning days. The majority of students that were able to attend school for at least their blended days, saw greater academic support and success. We know the choice to stay home in full remote learning is a family choice and one that we respect, however, if your child is struggling and would benefit from extra help, please complete the form in your Skyward account to opt them back in right away. Also, if your child has been completely disengaged, not logging into the virtual live lessons, not responding to calls or emails from teachers, please reach out to your school principal immediately and strongly consider opting back in for in-person learning. Once the form is completed, students can begin attending on Tuesday, January 19th, or Wednesday the 20th depending on their attendance group, A or B. If you need to request a change in your child’s attendance group for an essential reason such as for transportation or child care needs, please contact your school principal to make that request. Please note this does not pertain to previous in-person students at the time the district transitioned to full-time remote learning on November 16th. No action is needed for those families. The form is only for those families that were full remote before the district transitioned in mid-November.
    Instructional Expectations - Please see the following overview of instructional expectations for Quarter 3. We know learning and connections have increased over the past few months and we do not want to go backwards. In that spirit, here are a few highlighted changes:
  • Students will continue to have access and opportunities for live daily interactions with their teachers, this includes academics and critical SEL check-ins. 
  • Attendance requirements for students in grades 6-12 will continue. Requiring students to attend daily (whether it be in-person or virtually at home) during their scheduled class period time has provided a more consistent platform for delivering instruction and connecting with students. We do not want to go backwards. In addition, as we prepare for the opportunity to open our doors to more students for more days and time, when deemed safe to do so, these consistent expectations will translate well. For any secondary families not able to meet this requirement due to ongoing hardship associated with the pandemic, principals will have a solution in place. For students in PreK-5, attendance will continue to be taken either by attending in-person, logging on to live google meets, or by work completion and submission at a later date. It is acknowledged that there remains additional barriers at the PreK-5 level in terms of attendance so we will maintain flexibility for this group of students for now.
  • Regarding incompletes, there are a few revisions to pass along. As the pandemic has endured for going on 10 months now, it was determined that additional concessions were appropriate for grades of incomplete from last spring’s term. In that spirit, students currently in grades 7-9 with incompletes from last spring, will have their grades permanently recorded as an incomplete, rather than converting to an F, as previously indicated. For students currently in grades 10-12 with incompletes from last spring, the deadline to get those classes to a passing grade has been extended until the end of this school year, May 28th, 2021. These students will be provided a new opportunity within their spring daily course schedule to recover these credits.
  • You will also find in the overview document some slight changes to meal distribution and technology assistance. 
  • Covid-19 Vaccinations for Educators - Approximately 80% of teachers and staff in our district indicated they will choose to receive the vaccine as soon as it is available to them. An additional 10% indicated they will likely not take it and the other 10% indicated they are undecided. These are very promising numbers. We are working with the county health dept. and hope to start the process for vaccinating our educators in the very near future. This also helps us to be able to work toward increasing in-person learning opportunities for all students as soon as possible. 
    With that, we continue to wish you health and safety and cannot wait to see all of our students soon. Take care! Rachel Savage, Ed. D.
    Superintendent, Moline-Coal Valley Schools
Following a winter break of December 21 – January 4, 2021, full remote learning will resume for ALL students on Tuesday, January 5, and will continue in full remote through Friday, January 15, 2021. Full remote learning has been extended through January 15th for safety reasons, allowing adequate time for quarantine following the holidays.
The first day of blended in-person learning will be Tuesday, January 19, 2021. There is no school on Monday, January 18 in observance of the Martin Luther King holiday.
In the current blended learning model, Group A students attend in-person on Monday and Tuesday and Group B attend in-person on Wednesday and Thursday. Students are in full remote on the opposite days and on Fridays. Families that chose full remote at the start of quarter two can opt back in to blended in-person learning from January 4-16th.
At the November 9, 2020 meeting, the Board of Education approved to transition to full-time remote learning for all students and staff effective Monday, November 16, 2020 through Tuesday, January 5, 2021. The transition was due to a rapid increase in positive cases of COVID-19 across the district and the many staff and students out on a quarantine protocol.

At the December 14, 2020 meeting, the board re-evaluated the seven blended learning days from January 5 to January 14, and requested additional feedback on two possible return dates of January 11th or 19th. Following a review of both options, and based on both educational and safety reasons, it was decided to return to blended learning at the start of quarter three/semester two on Tuesday, January 19.
During the closure, all district schools have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, following state health and safety guidelines.
The goal of these difficult decisions is to stop the rapid spread of the virus within our schools, help to mitigate the spread in our community and our region, and most importantly, to keep our students and our staff safe. The District looks forward to getting our students safely back in school on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.
The District will continue to offer free meal pick up for any remote learning students in the district on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at Wilson and John Deere Middle Schools from 10:30-12:30 pm. There will be no meal pick up December 21 – January 4 due to the winter break. Beginning Wednesday, January 20th, the meal pick times will be 9:30 am - 11:30 am. 
Attention MCV#40 Guardians and Caregivers:    Spanish Version 

I wanted to provide some follow-up information regarding our transition to full remote learning. We began full remote learning for all students in all schools Monday, November 16th. This remote learning cycle includes this week and the 12 blended learning days between Thanksgiving break and winter break. As of now, in-person learning will resume on Tuesday, January 5th. The Board of Education will reevaluate whether to extend remote learning at the December 14th Board of Education meeting.

Tough Decisions - I know this is a difficult situation and the difficult decisions we have to make have many impacts. The numbers of positive cases in our county and region continue to increase all around us, and while I know there is no replacing the value of in-person learning, keeping our students and staff safe and healthy is of the utmost priority.

Remote Learning Expectations
- As this pandemic endures, we seek to continuously strive for improvement. We want to provide the best service possible, given our limited capacity, to our students, families, and community. We have made every effort to ensure teachers and staff have the tools, the time, and the training to meet the challenge of remote teaching and learning during a pandemic. We have increased expectations, learned and adapted, and placed the social-emotional needs of our students high on the priority list. For this next cycle of remote learning for all students, here are some important things to know:
~Lessons will continue to be posted to the HUB by 8 am on Mondays
~Daily attendance will continue to be taken
~All students can expect a virtual face to face live or recorded lesson from their teacher(s) daily, for each class period at middle and high school
~These sessions should be recorded and posted so students and parents can access them at any time during the day, especially if unable to log on during the live session due to family schedules
~Students are expected to be engaged academically every day. These are counted as regular instructional days. Not “attending” virtually could lead to truancy and not engaging academically or completing the learning tasks could lead to failing grades, risk of not promoting to the next grade or risk of not graduating. Please reach out to your teacher or principal if you are struggling. We are here to help!
~Teachers and staff should respond within 24 hours if you reach out for assistance via email or voicemail
~Remember GoGuardian tools can help you monitor your student’s device.
~Remote Learning Expectations 
~Remote Learning Expectations (Spanish version) 
Student Meals - Regarding meal distribution for students, we will continue to offer grab and go pick up service on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at Wilson and Deere. The timeframe has been adjusted slightly and will be from 10:30-12:30 pm. As a reminder, due to the federal USDA waiver, ALL meals are free for ALL students for the entire school year.

Tech Support - Our amazing Ed Tech department is at your service. If you have any tech support needs during remote learning, they can be handled with the traditional help desk ticket system or through a new drive up service. Daily drive up tech support for families will be available at 3 central locations (Deere, Wilson, MHS) from 9-11am and 1-3 pm. They are also available by appointment.

Please reach out to your teachers or your Principal if you need assistance or have additional questions. We know the burdens and challenges many of you are facing during this difficult time are numerous. We are here to support and thank you for your partnership.

Rachel M. Savage, Ed. D.
Superintendent Moline Coal Valley Schools
Due to a rapid increase in positive cases of Covid-19 across the district and the many staff and students out on a quarantine protocol, we will be transitioning to full-time remote learning for all students in all schools beginning Monday, November 16th. This will include the 4 blended learning days next week and the 12 blended learning days between Thanksgiving break and winter break. As of now, in-person (blended) learning will resume on Tuesday, January 5th.  The Board of Education will reevaluate the 7 blended learning days from January 5th to January 14th at the December 14th Board of Education meeting. The goal of this difficult decision is to stop the rapid spread of the virus within our schools, help to mitigate the spread in our community and our region, and most importantly, to do whatever we can to keep our students and our staff safe. These are difficult times and difficult decisions that I know have many far-reaching impacts. We look forward to getting our students back in school as soon as possible. Please stay tuned for more information in the coming days.   
Rachel Savage, Ed.D
Superintendent Moline Coal Valley Schools 
Due to rising cases of Covid 19 at Roosevelt Elementary, Roosevelt will be temporarily closed for the next 2 weeks, Nov. 9th-20th, with a return date of Nov. 30th, following the Thanksgiving break.  All instruction at Roosevelt will take place in full-time remote learning at home during the closure and the school will be cleaned and sanitized. Other schools will remain open and siblings of Roosevelt students may attend other schools unless they become symptomatic. Our main goal continues to be keeping students and staff safe. 
Due to an increase in positive cases of Covid-19 at Jane Addams and a growing number of Jane Addams staff/students currently excluded from in-person learning due to a potential exposure, I am following the recommendation of Rock Island County Health Department to temporarily close Jane Addams Elementary School (only) for a period of two weeks, October 26th-November 6th. In-person learning at Jane Addams will resume Monday, November 9th. This temporary closure is out of an abundance of caution. During this time, all instruction for Jane Addams students and staff will be full time remote learning at home and Jane Addams will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. This temporary closure is designed to minimize further spread, keep students and staff safe, and to preserve future in-person learning opportunities. All other Moline-Coal Valley Schools will continue to offer Blended in-person learning as normal. Siblings of Jane Addams students attending other district schools may continue to attend their schools, unless the Jane Addams sibling becomes symptomatic.
Attention MCV#40 Families,  Spanish Version       French Version 
I wanted to inform you of a development at Moline High School. Due to an increase in positive cases of Covid-19 at MHS and a growing number of MHS staff/students currently excluded from in-person learning due to a potential exposure, I am following the recommendation of Rock Island County Health Department to temporarily close MHS only for a period of two weeks, September 28th-October 9th. Other Moline-Coal Valley Schools will continue to offer Blended in-person learning as normal, including Coolidge Campus.

During this time, all instruction for all MHS students and staff will be full-time remote learning at home and MHS will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. This temporary closure is designed to minimize further spread at MHS, keep MHS students and staff safe, and to preserve future MHS in-person learning opportunities. Current in-season only IHSA athletics are allowed to continue, strictly following all health and safety guidelines. All out of season athletics contact time and all other MHS extracurriculars and activities are suspended through October 9th. Siblings of MHS students attending other MCV#40 schools may continue to attend their schools unless such a time as the MHS sibling becomes symptomatic. We will continue to offer meal pick-up for any remote learning students in the district Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at Wilson and Deere from 9:30-11:30 am. MHS students and staff will be receiving additional specific details shortly.
Greetings! Spanish Version 
I hope this finds you well and that your family is safe and healthy. Please see the following parent updates below. We want to communicate as much as possible during this challenging time. Please never hesitate to reach out if you have a question. We are here for you!

1. US Census - This is a final reminder to any family that has not yet completed their 2020 Census. The deadline is September 30th. Schools receive critical funding based on Census counts in their region. Please remember to count every person, even the babies! This important funding is used to support many programs that are essential for our students such as Title 1, programs to support kids that qualify for Free and Reduced lunch, special education, Head Start, SNAP, WIC, classroom technology, after-school programs, teacher training, and so much more. This funding will be in place for the next 10 years! Please check with your neighbors, especially any living in hard to count areas!
2. Remote Learning Updates - We are now rounding out the fourth week of school. Students and staff have done a great job creating good habits around all of the health and safety procedures. With that, we are now focusing more of our attention on teaching and learning. We still have approximately 70% of our students attending school on their blended days and approx. 30% of students are on full time remote at home. Remember, full remote students will have the option of beginning to attend school in person at the start of Quarter 2, around October 16th. Speaking of the end of the quarter, full remote students should be reminded that these school days are regular instructional days. Students are expected to check in each day for attendance, complete required academic work, and attend the virtual face to face sessions on Fridays. There are no incompletes given this year. Students failing to attend, complete work, or participate in their virtual class time risk failing the class, truancy, retention, and potentially not graduating with their class, if credits are still needed. Lastly, middle and high school students are taking half their schedule this quarter and the other half second quarter. So on October 16th, their final grades will be posted for periods 1-3 for high school and periods 1-4 for middle school. There is only a month left! Please reach out to the school at any time if you have concerns for your child’s progress. We are here to help!

3. School Health Requirements - I wanted to remind families of the Illinois school code making it mandatory to comply with state requirements for student health physicals and immunizations. Each year, by law, students need to meet the state requirements by October 15th in order to not be excluded from school. Although we are in the midst of a global pandemic, Illinois has not pulled back on any of these requirements. This means, any student that has not yet verified they have met the requirements for immunizations or physicals will have to be excluded by the normal date of October 15th. Unfortunately, this also includes the students that have chosen full time remote instruction, as the risk of community spread still exists. We still have about 20% of students that have not yet verified. Those families should be receiving a letter in the mail. Some may be wondering what the October 15th exclusion date will look like this year. For students attending in person, they will no longer be allowed to attend to access their account, and those home in total remote learning will also have to be locked out of their account. This will disable them from accessing any of their courses, assignments, lessons, etc. This is not what we want! We are hoping to host a clinic for families to help them meet the requirements. We will get that information out soon.

4. Last Friday for Farmers to Families - This Friday, is the last confirmed date we have for the Farmers to Families food supplement box distribution. We will distribute these boxes in the John Deere parking lot this Friday beginning at approximately 10:30am until supplies last. Keep in mind we only receive 300 dairy boxes and 300 produce boxes from the River Bend Food Bank to distribute. Also, please keep in mind that all student breakfasts and lunches are free now and those can also be picked up at Deere and Wilson Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Students do not need to be present.

5. Calendar Update - The Board of Education has recently approved the amended 2020-2021 school year calendar as recommended by the Illinois State Board of Education. The amended calendar now reflects the November 3, 2020, Election Day, as a mandated State of Illinois holiday per SB 1863. There will be no school on Tuesday, November 3rd. Please note that school will be in session on Friday, April 2 as a replacement for the November 3rd mandated holiday. View the amended calendar.

Thanks for your partnership and for all you are doing to support your students!

Rachel Savage, Ed.D
Superintendent, Moline-Coal Valley Schools
Attention Parents,  (Spanish Version) 
We have great news! The USDA has finally granted the meal waivers to school districts that were in place last spring. This means we can now provide ALL meals to ALL students for FREE! This waiver will expire in December. Beginning next week through December 18th, all meals will be free. If your child is attending school in-person, we encourage them to either stay and eat a free hot lunch or grab a sack lunch as they are dismissed to take with them. We will also offer a third option for parents where they can come through a grab & go line in the new service we are offering (see below). We are especially encouraging families with remote learners at home to take advantage of this new free grab & go meal distribution service. 

Here is the new plan: (Grab & Go Meals)

When: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:30 am-11:30 am
(starting Wednesday, Sept. 9th due to Labor Day holiday)
What: On Mondays and Wednesdays, students will receive 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches; on Fridays, students will receive 1 breakfast and 1 lunch
Where: We will have 2 locations: Wilson Middle and John Deere Middle. Since this is now a free program for ALL district students, any family can go to either location. Student IDs are no longer needed. Families can receive meals for any children in the household 18 and under. Also, since school will be in session, families are now asked to remain in their cars for the grab & go service.
Who: Any district student is eligible regardless of whether on full-time remote learning at home OR attending school on A/B days.

Good evening Parents, here are two updates for your information: 

  1. Remind Communication App- We are excited to use the free communication program called Remind with new district-wide texting capabilities, for improved parent communication. You may have already been receiving messages from classroom teachers and coaches but will now be able to receive District messages including weather alerts, calendar updates, and other important District information. All you need to do is to go into your Skyward account in the Family Access portal to be sure you have an updated email address and/or cell phone number included so you can receive these messages. Remind messages cannot be delivered to a land-line. You can also choose to download the Remind app to your smartphone. It is not necessary to have the app to receive messages but the information is more easily viewed through the app and can be better organized, especially if you have more than one student for whom you are receiving messages. Click here for some additional Remind resources. 

  1. Farmers to Families Food Supplemental Boxes - For a limited time only, we will be able to distribute the amazing Farmers to Families food supplemental boxes from River Bend Food Bank. These are the same boxes we distributed over the summer. Here are the details:


What : We will distribute on a first-come, first-served basis, 2 large boxes (1 fresh produce box containing a beautiful selection of fresh fruits and vegetables and 1 fresh dairy box that contains milk, cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, etc) at no cost to families

When: We only have three dates at this time: Friday, September 4th, Friday, September 11th, and Friday, September 18th from 10:30-12:30 pm or while supplies last ( we will only receive 300 of each box so once they are gone, we will not get more until the next Friday). We hope to get more dates in October but have only been given the 3 dates in September for now.

Where: John Deere Middle School only - because of the refrigerated truck we can only have one location to distribute these boxes. We chose Deere because families are used to going Deere for the summer food supplemental box distribution. 

Who: Any Moline-Coal Valley school district family (attending any district school) is eligible for this free supplemental food box. This is from the Food Bank and not the National School Lunch program so no student ID number is needed for these boxes. Because of the limited supply we will receive, we can only give 1 produce box and 1 dairy box to each family that comes.

The food supplement box program through RiverBend is a grab and go offering so families can technically stay in their cars, however, we encourage families to also park and go into the cafeteria to pick up a school breakfast and school lunch for each of their students through the National School Lunch program. Student IDs are needed for this school meal service. Students do not need to be present and a Food Service employee can look up your child’s ID number if you do not have it. Thanks for your patience last week. As it was our first time for this school year, we will monitor and adjust this meal service to better meet family needs. 

Attention Families, Tomorrow is Remote Learning Friday. All students will be home doing Remote Learning each Friday. To support our families, we will be doing a meal distribution each Friday, beginning tomorrow, Friday, August 28th. We will distribute at John Deere Middle and Wilson Middle in their cafeterias, and MHS out of the Bartlett Performing Arts Lobby. Meal distribution time will be from 10:30 am-12:30 pm and students will receive a breakfast and a lunch. Students do not need to be present but parents will have to come in for the grab & go meal service. If parents do not know their student’s ID number, a member of Food Service Staff can look it up.

Greetings, MCV#40 Families,  Spanish version

I hope you are well and staying safe. I wanted to provide another update to help you feel better informed as we start the year. I hope you have a great first week of school!

  • What’s new this year - We have made an investment in really listening to our parents and are proud to share the changes and improvements we are making based on that direct feedback. The document will be shared with the Board of Education on Aug. 24th and then will be shared out with parents. 
  • Teacher availability during the day - We worked hard to make sure our awesome teachers had separate times to focus on the kids in the classroom and the kids at home in remote learning. Please keep in mind that for kids at home in remote learning, teachers may not be available to respond to questions until after 1:00pm Mondays-Thursdays. They will have those afternoons and then all day on Friday to connect with Remote Learners. Technology questions throughout the day can be addressed by calling the school or calling the Ed Tech Dept. 
  • Attendance- We know tracking student attendance was a challenge in the spring. This year, attendance is mandatory and traditional grading practices are reinstated, that should help with student motivation!. Each school day is a traditional instructional day. Students are required to check in daily to verify their attendance and are expected to stay on track with engaging in their classes daily. We want to simplify the attendance process so it is the same for ALL students every day, no matter their learning plan. 
  • Internet Connectivity - At MCV#40, we want to ensure that every student has a device AND a reliable internet connection. If your family does not currently have internet connectivity, we can help. Please notify your child’s school if you need assistance with an internet connection for your child to be able to facilitate remote learning. We can provide an internet hotspot for use with the child’s chromebook at home, and we also have a free program for families that qualify through a partnership with the City of Moline. 
  • Health and Safety - We have reviewed all of the guidance. Collected stakeholder feedback, developed a plan based on that feedback, and are now ready to implement our plans with students. As this is a very fluid situation, we anticipate details of our plans to fluctuate. We will monitor closely and not hesitate to make any changes that will keep our students and staff safe. Thank you in advance for your flexibility and understanding. We will do our best to communicate new information as it becomes available. We will watch our region and follow any new recommendations we are given by either the Rock Island County Health Dept. or the State of Illinois. 
  • Remind texting program parent resources- Parents that are not familiar with the Remind communication program can find resources on the district webpage, 
  • Meal Distribution this fall-  Here are the details regarding meal and food supplement distribution for Moline Coal Valley students this fall: 
    • Fall Grab/Go Meal Program- We are planning for a grab and go meal distribution program on Fridays. We will have 3 sites (Deere, Wilson, MHS) from 10:30-12:30pm. Students will get a breakfast and a lunch. Students do not need to be present, however, because school districts in Illinois have not been given the waiver from the USDA, we will have to collect student names for each meal. We will be able to look up student ID numbers if parents do not have them. Parents will likely need to park and enter to retrieve the meals. The middle schools will use the cafeterias. The high school will use the lobby of the Bartlett Performing Arts Center. We will begin next Friday, August 28th. 
    • We will provide details for weekend supplement bags from River Bend and the Farmers to Families supplemental food boxes soon. 
  • Next Virtual Community Conversation - We want to offer up a date for our next Virtual Community Conversation. This has been a great way to hear directly from parents on what is working and what needs attention. Our next event will be September 9th from 6:30-7:30pm. Our Zoom membership allows for 500 participants. We are hoping you can join. Until then, thanks for your partnership. 

I hope this information is helpful. I plan to send out another update as soon as possible. Until then, please never hesitate to reach out. We are here for you and in this together! Whether you will be in our schools or in our hearts, go Maroons!

Rachel Savage

Superintendent, MCV#40 

There will be a Virtual Parent YOUniversity meeting this Friday, August 21st. Parents are invited to join via zoom for a session on how to navigate the digital learning platforms and to ask technology questions. The times are: 2:15 – 2:45 pm for elementary schools and 3:00-3:30 pm for middle and high school. Information on how to join the zoom meeting will be available on the district's website  Keep in mind our zoom license allows for 500 participants. If you are unable to join, please know we will record the sessions and upload them soon after to the website. 

Finally, our schools will be holding Virtual Back to School meetings for parents toward the end of this week. Watch for communication coming directly from your child’s school for this opportunity.

Through the generous donation of a portion of the City of Moline’s Emergency Cares Act funds, up to 500 qualifying District #40 families will receive free internet connectivity in their homes for a year and free rental of the Mediacom hardware needed to establish connection. This program is a unique partnership between the City of Moline, Mediacom, and Moline-Coal Valley District designed to help those families that do not currently have an internet connection at home. Please keep in mind, this will be a basic internet service that can be used for things such as remote learning. We know these are difficult times and many families are struggling with basic needs. An internet connection can be costly but so important, especially for remote learning needs. 


This program has strict qualifications and only those meeting them will qualify for this program. (We have other options for families that need help with an internet connection but do not meet all of these requirements while quantities last, please contact your school principal).   

For this offer: 

  • Student must have registration completed for 2020-2021 school year 
  • Student must live in the city limits of Moline (For students living in Coal Valley, please contact your Principal if in need of internet connectivity assistance)
  • Student must qualify for Free/Reduced lunch
  • Student must not already have an internet connection with Mediacom (This program cannot replace a current internet service contract) 

Qualifying families will not see a bill! If you want to see if you qualify for this assistance, please do the following: 

  • Contact [email protected] or you can call Carrie in the Ed Tech Department at 309-743-8989 
  • Once Mediacom has established that you do not already have service and their services can reach your home, they will install your connection. You will be asked to sign off saying you have received your connection
  • Lastly, we ask that you notify us if you move out of the City of Moline by emailing [email protected] or you can call Carrie in the Ed Tech Department at 309-743-8989 

Once you are approved, please know it may take a number of weeks to get connected due to the high volume at Mediacom. If you are in need of a temporary internet hotspot until your home is connected, please ask. We can help while quantities last. 


Please respond right away to reserve this offer for your family. Once we hear back from you, Mediacom will reach out to establish connectivity. Should for some reason, Mediacom is unable to establish a connection in your home due to location or some other barrier, we may be able to provide your student with an internet hotspot, so their chromebook can be used at home, especially during times of remote learning. Thank you and stay safe!



Rachel Savage, Superintendent, MCV District 40
Stephanie Acri,  Mayor of Moline

Greetings MCV Families, Spanish version

I hope you are well as we gear up for the start of the new year. I wanted to provide a weekly update as I know we are still managing uncertain times. I want you to know that we are working diligently through each and every detail to be as prepared as possible. To that end, we will do our best to communicate as often and as clearly as we can. We want to open our doors for those that are able to come in a safe and controlled manner. I certainly wish we could do more and I look forward to the time when we can add back more in-person learning for ALL students, as soon as it is safe to do so. 

  • Starting the new Year - The first day of official classes is Monday, August 24th. Students with the last name A-L will attend Mondays-Tuesdays and the last name M-Z will attend Wednesdays and Thursdays. All students will be remote on Fridays. For students choosing full time remote learning for Quarter 1, you will be able to access your teacher’s materials on the HUB, located on the district website under the Return to Learn tab. The HUB will be live on August 24th.
  • Remote Learning 2.0 and Parent Feedback- We invested a significant amount of time this spring and early summer collecting as much input as possible. We especially documented parent feedback regarding lessons learned from last spring’s remote learning. Much of our planning for this year has been based on direct parent feedback. Here are some of the examples of improved programming based on parent input: 
    • Every child gets their own device, no more sharing, and help with internet connectivity is available, if needed 
    • Traditional grading and attendance reinstated for student motivation
    • Teachers will now use only one digital platform: for grades 2-12 teachers will use Google Classroom and K-1 teachers will use Seesaw. All other learning resources and links will be available on these platforms.  
    • “Google Meets” will be the district wide platform for virtual face to face meetings and check-ins 
    • Kids learning at home will see their teachers virtually every week
    • A preview of the week’s work will be uploaded to the HUB (on the district website under the Remote Learning Tab) by 8:00am Monday mornings- the HUB will go live on the first day of school 
    • We ensured parent choice in our planning by offering a full remote option. We also know many students found success in this new learning model.
    • We will have recorded parent tutorials available soon to help families understand remote learning platforms and protocols and plan to offer more virtual parent meetings to answer questions and gather input. 
    • We are providing teachers more professional learning on Remote Learning strategies for enhanced student learning experiences.  
  • Daily Attendance Check-Ins - Keep in mind that no matter a student’s learning plan, each school day is a mandatory day of instruction. All students, regardless of in-person blended or full remote, will have to record their attendance regularly and will have to meet expectations for academic progress.  Students in grades 2-12 will record their attendance through Google Classroom associated with their classes. K-1 students will record their attendance through Seesaw. More details will be coming from schools and teachers. 
  • Safety Protocols- We are finalizing the health and safety procedures for the opening of our schools. Information can be found on the district website regarding this information under the Return to Learn tab/ Student and Family Health and Safety Guidelines.   
  • Remind - We know how important communication is and are excited to expand the ways we communicate using the new district-wide texting program “Remind”.  Many of you are already familiar with this tool as many teachers have been using it for some time. It is useful for both small and large group communication and can be 1-way or 2-way. There will be training available for staff coming soon as well as parent resources for those new to the program. 
  • Meal Distribution this fall- We are finalizing details for fall meal distribution. We will likely have a grab and go program on Fridays, similar to what we had 4th quarter last year. The one difference as of now, is we will have to collect student ID numbers for each meal, similar to during the school day. Districts no longer have the flexibility that we were given in the spring. Stay tuned for more details. 
  • Easing Parent Financial Burden- We understand many of our families are facing difficult burdens during this pandemic. As a response, we have made the following changes to assist with the start of the year and will continue to seek new ways to help as the year progresses. 
    • Credit on some school fees- We provided a school fee credit on a number of different fees for returning students this year
    • The transaction fee was eliminated previously associated with paying school fees online
    • We have revisited individual school supply lists and condensed them to essential learning needs only. We understand students, regardless of their learning plan, will be spending much of their learning time at home. In addition, many of the supplies on the original lists are now hard to find. At the district and building levels, we are prepared to support individual classrooms and teacher needs with the emergency funds we received this summer: Elem; Middle; high
  • Positive Progress on Facilities- We are excited to see the progress of both the Moline High School PE facility as well as the advancements ahead of schedule for the Moline High School HVAC renovations! Check out the promotional video if you have not seen it!

I hope this information is helpful. I plan to send out another update next week to provide information on additional topics. Until then, please feel free to reach out and have a great weekend. 

Rachel Savage, Ed.D.

Superintendent, Moline-Coal Valley Schools

The following document provides guidance for mental health and crisis support and is provided by the State of Illinois Department of Public Health. 

To:   Parents/Guardians of the Moline Coal Valley School District

Re:    Opt Out Form and Attendance Group Change Requests

Date:   July 31st, 2020

We are looking forward to opening our doors on August 24th, in a safe and controlled way, to begin interacting with our students who we have missed so much. Since our Return to Learn plans were released on July 21st, we have continued to work diligently and fine-tune many details. As you know, we have two learning plan choices for Fall 2020. ALL students will be registered for Option 1. If you are choosing Option 2, you must complete an electronic opt out form through Skyward by August 10th. 

  • Option 1- Blended Learning Plan students attend school 2 days per week, according to their last name, and home the other 3 days in remote learning
  • Option 2- Full-time Remote Learning Plan  students are home all 5 days

Full-time Remote Learning Opt Out Form August 1-10th: To choose Option 2, families must complete an electronic form through Skyward between August 1-10th. This evening, families can go to the District Website to see a video and instructions in English and Spanish. Only families choosing Option 2 must complete the form.  The Opt Out form will apply to the first nine weeks (quarter 1). Families can make a new choice for quarter 2 to begin attending 2 days/week or continue to stay home for the remainder of the semester. 

Change Requests for Attendance Group Days by Aug. 10th: Students choosing Option 1 will attend school according to their last name: A-L, students attend school Monday and Tuesday;  M-Z, students attend Wednesday and Thursday. All students are home in remote learning on Friday. If you need to request a change for your child’s attendance group, you must contact your principal and make the requested change by August 10th. Change requests will likely be approved for the following reasons only: keeping the family unit together, transportation and childcare needs. 

We will continue to share updates as more details are finalized. Until then, please do not hesitate to reach out by phone or email. 

Take care and be safe!

Rachel Savage, Ed.D. 

Superintendent, Moline-Coal Valley Schools