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Home Internet Services

The Moline-Coal Valley School District, through strong partnerships with the City of Moline, Mediacom, T-Mobile, and wireless partners, is committed to helping families that do not have reliable Internet access get what they need to make remote learning successful.  Below are resources available right now to help, with instructions for each to apply for assisted Internet Access.  

To: Qualifying Parents/Guardians of District #40


Through the generous donation of a portion of the City of Moline’s Emergency Cares Act funds, up to 500 qualifying District #40 families will receive free internet connectivity in their homes for a year and free rental of the Mediacom hardware needed to establish connection. This program is a unique partnership between the City of Moline, Mediacom, and Moline-Coal Valley District designed to help those families that do not currently have an internet connection at home. Please keep in mind, this will be a basic internet service that can be used for things such as remote learning. We know these are difficult times and many families are struggling with basic needs. An internet connection can be costly but so important, especially for remote learning needs. 


This program has strict qualifications and only those meeting them will qualify for this program. (We have other options for families that need help with an internet connection but do not meet all of these requirements while quantities last, please contact your school principal).   

For this offer: 

  • Student must have registration completed for 2020-2021 school year 
  • Student must live in the city limits of Moline (For students living in Coal Valley, please contact your Principal if in need of internet connectivity assistance)
  • Student must qualify for Free/Reduced lunch
  • Student must not already have an internet connection with Mediacom (This program cannot replace a current internet service contract) 

Qualifying families will not see a bill! If you want to see if you qualify for this assistance, please do the following: 

  • Contact [email protected] or you can call Carrie in the Ed Tech Department at 309-743-8989 
  • Once Mediacom has established that you do not already have service and their services can reach your home, they will install your connection. You will be asked to sign off saying you have received your connection
  • Lastly, we ask that you notify us if you move out of the City of Moline by emailing [email protected] or you can call Carrie in the Ed Tech Department at 309-743-8989 

Once you are approved, please know it may take a number of weeks to get connected due to the high volume at Mediacom. If you are in need of a temporary internet hotspot until your home is connected, please ask. We can help while quantities last. 


Please respond right away to reserve this offer for your family. Once we hear back from you, Mediacom will reach out to establish connectivity. Should for some reason, Mediacom is unable to establish a connection in your home due to location or some other barrier, we may be able to provide your student with an internet hotspot, so their chromebook can be used at home, especially during times of remote learning. Thank you and stay safe!



Rachel Savage, Superintendent, MCV District 40
Stephanie Acri,  Mayor of Moline

The Moline-Coal Valley School District is pleased to announce that it has secured a limited number of WiFi HotSpots who do not have the means to secure internet at home.  These hotspots are powered by T-Mobile’s EmpowerEd program and the costs are covered by the school district through generous donations and grants. T-Mobile towers determine the speeds of the connection and the data is unlimited.
While the number of these hotspots are very limited in availability, they are meant to bridge the digital divide for students who cannot access online resources and remote learning.  The hotspot device is a district resource and is therefore covered by the District’s AUP, and Personal Device Policy. Additionally, the use of the hotspot includes acceptance of the specific T-Mobile HotSpot Agreement that is signed by students and parents/guardians.
To apply for a hotspot, at no cost to the family, please contact your school's principal for next steps.