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Health and Wellness Information

Student Health Requirements

School Nurses
The nurses in Moline-Coal Valley Schools assist students with health-related activities such as first aid, medication management, and wellness activities. The Nurses also maintain student records to ensure that all students are up to date with immunizations, physical examinations, vision and hearing screenings, dental examinations, and chronic disease management. 

Those families needing assistance in obtaining physical or immunizations should contact the Community Health Clinic, now located in the Aspire wing of Moline High School.  This clinic can be reached at 309-743-1470.

Physical Examinations
All students entering Early Childhood, Kindergarten, and Sixth Grade, or any new student to District 40 are required by the State of Illinois to have a current physical examination and all required immunizations, by a licensed health care provider, on file by the first day of school.  Please visit the Illinois Department of Health Physical Exam Code for the exact timetable physical exams should be conducted.  Please see the Downloadable Forms section below for the correct Physical Exam Form.

Please note these special instructions regarding the Physical Examination: If you are attending the free physical at the beginning of the school year, you will have to print teh Physical Examination form found in the Downloadable Forms below, and pre-fill the form as completely as possible.  Your student should bring the pre-filled form to the examination.  Any student that attempts to attend the free physical examination without the form pre-filled by a parent or guardian will not be able to attend the free physical examination.  

All students from Early Childhood through Eighth Grade must provide proof of all immunizations required by the State of Illinois.  Please visit the Illinois Department of Public Health Minimum Immunization Requirements Per Grade Level for more information.  

The Illinois Department of Public Health requires that all Kindergarten, Second, and Sixth Grade students have a dental examination before entrance into these grades. This is a mandate from the State, not a recommendation. This requirement may be waived for children who show an undue burden or lack of access to a dentist.  Please visit the Illinois Department of Health  School Dental Examinations guidelines for more information.  Please see the Downloadable Forms section below for the correct Dental Exam Form

Eye Examinations
State of Illinois law requires proof of a comprehensive eye examination for all children entering kindergarten or enrolling in a public, private, or parochial school in Illinois for the first time. The examination must have been completed within one year before the child begins school and submitted to the school no later than October 15 of the year the child is first enrolled.  Please see the Downloadable Forms section below for the correct Eye Exam Form.

Vision and Hearing Screenings
Vision and hearing screenings are completed annually for all pre-school, special education, kindergarten, second and eighth-grade students, and all students new to the district.  Hearing screenings are also completed for first, second, and third-grade students. Vision or hearing screenings may also be requested by a parent or teacher.  Visit the Illinois Department of Health Vision and Screening Mandates for more information. 

Meningitis Vaccine
All students entering 12th grade in Illinois are required to turn in proof of a single dose of the meningitis vaccine on or after their 16th birthday.  Please submit this proof to your school's nurse. 

Should I Keep My Child Home or Send Him/Her To School?

A Parent is generally the best judge of when a child is too ill to attend school. Sometimes it is hard to tell. When in doubt, contact your school nurse.

Most Common Reasons Children Should Stay Home From School

  1. Most Common Reasons Children Should Stay Home From School
  2. Fever of 100 degrees or more. Remain home for about 24 hours after fever is gone without using fever-reducing medication. When your child has a fever, do not give a fever-reducing medication and send your child to school.
  3. Vomiting or diarrhea. Stay home 24 hours after last episode and encourage fluids.
  4. Sore throat. Strep may be present, even without a fever. A person with a strep infection may have a headache and stomachache. If your child has been diagnosed with strep throat (by a special test done at the doctor’s office), your child should stay home for 24 hours after antibiotics have been started.
  5. Runny nose, cough. A child who is feeling run down, not sleeping well due to a cold, or actively sneezing or coughing is not going to be able to pay attention and learn.
  6. Earaches. Take your child to a doctor if the earache lasts more than a day or if the pain is severe.
  7. Skin rash. Take your child to a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment. Treatment must be given for 24 hours before returning to school.
  8. Pinkeye. If the white of your child’s eye is red and has any drainage, you should keep him home from school. You should contact your child’s doctor.
  9. Head Lice. Children who are found to have lice should be treated before returning to school. You need to contact the school nurse. Get your child back in school as quickly as possible. He/she should not miss more than one day of school.

Suggestions to Prevent Illness

  • Make sure your child gets enough sleep at night.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet of low fat and low sugar foods


  • Handwashing is the single most important method of preventing the spread of illness and keeping yourself healthy. Click here to learn more about handwashing www.cdc.gov/Features/HandWashing/.

    • Wash hands with soap and water frequently, especially before eating.
  • Provide an environment that is physically and emotionally safe.
  • Build a relationship with your child that is based on time spent and honest human interaction.
  • Get daily exercise.
  • Teach your child to cough and sneeze in their elbow.