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Student Mental Health and Crisis Resources

Safe2Help Illinois

The State of Illinois has launched the Safe2Help Illinois program in an effort to raise awareness of the 21st-century threats facing schoolchildren in our state.  Please click this link for more information about the mission of this program.

To reach the Safe2Help Hotline, click this link or use the following methods:


Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination Reporting

Moline-Coal Valley School District is dedicated to ensuring a safe and supportive learning environment for all students. We recognize that in any school, the potential exists for bullying to occur. We take this potential seriously, and we have policies and procedures in place that ensure that each report of alleged bullying is investigated and acted upon by the school administration.

Bullying is...

●      Deliberate with the intent to hurt someone

●      Involves an imbalance of power with selected targets

●      Repeated and targeted behavior

Bullying is NOT…

●      Single episodes of social rejection or dislike

●      Single episode acts of nastiness or spite

●      Random acts of aggression or intimidation

●      Mutual arguments, disagreements or fights


Click this link to report incidents of Bullying or Harassment