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Registration Information


Registration for the 2022-2023 School Year

New Student Online Registration
NEW students to the district (including kindergarten students) are invited to enroll through our new Student Intake Center located at the district administration building called Allendale. Our Student Intake Center offers one-stop convenience for all families with students at different levels. Families will be able to complete enrollment paperwork (additional steps at the school level for Pre-K and High School), verify residency, learn about special programs and support services, and more. Flexible appointments are available.  Please contact Mrs. Zamora at 309-743-8102 for enrollment information and to schedule an appointment.
Note, parents should start the new student enrollment by clicking here to create an account and register their child before going to the Student Intake Center.  For help with enrolling a new student, please click here. 
The Student Intake Center is open each year from early September through the end of May. Enrollments in June, July and August will be completed at the district's in-person registration event held on Tuesday, August 1, 2023. Location to be determined. Please check back. 

If you currently have a student enrolled in the Moline school district, you can enroll a new student by logging into your existing Family Access account. Please click here to help enroll a new student with an existing account. 
Please see the information below on documents required for residency verification
Moline-Coal Valley School District does not refuse to admit or enroll a student because of that student's failure to present his/her student permanent or temporary record from a school attended previously. (105 ILCS 10/8.1)                            

Additional Registration Information



K-8 Grade Forms and Requirements 
  • Visit our Health And Wellness Page for immunization, vaccine, and other health forms. 
    • Physical Exam is required for the following:
      • Students entering Early Childhood
      • Kindergarten
      • Sixth Grade
      • Any new student to District 40
    • Immunizations
      • All students from Early Childhood through eighth grade must provide proof of all immunizations
    • Dental Exam is required for the following students:
      • Kindergarten
      • Second
      • Sixth
    • Eye examination is required for children entering Kindergarten or new students enrolling in District 40
  • Athletic Participation Form (7th and 8th graders only)
9-12 Grade Forms and Requirements

Visit the District's Health and Wellness Page for more information regarding required health exams, immunizations, and vaccinations.  


During the student registration process, parents/ guardians will be required to provide documentation for both student enrollment and residency. Before the registration process can be completed, a child’s parent/ guardian must provide proof of residency. Illinois School Code states that a child is entitled to enrollment in a district wherein he/she resides. The code further defines residence as a physical presence with an intention to remain on a permanent basis with the person(s) who have legal custody of the child.

Proof of residency requires documentation with the matching address of residence from each of the following categories to complete the registration process:

Residency Combination Options:

Category I - 2
Category II - 1


Category I - 1
Category II - 2
Category l   
  • Mortgage Document (Homeowners)
  • Current Lease (Signed & dated) with proof of last month payment
  • Property Tax Bill & proof of payment
  • Trailer Park lease agreement with proof of last month payment
  • Letter of residence (citing address) from landlord in lieu of lease (notarized)
  • Letter of residence (citing address) when living with a District Resident
  • ISBE Form 85-51 (Affidavit) & Evidence of Non-Parent Custody
  • Most recent gas/electric/ water bill
  • Most recent cable television bill

Category ll
  • Driver’s License or State Identification Card
  • Vehicle registration or Title
  • Voter registration card
  • Most recent Credit Card bill
  • Current public aid card with address (current date)
  • Home/Rental Insurance Policy (dated)
  • Current library card
  • Current library card
  • Mail received at new residences
  • Receipt for moving van rental

The district is aware that, for some families, circumstances may require that additional information be provided in order to adequately meet the requirements for proving residency. Below are several examples for which additional documentation will be required to assist in completing the student registration process.
  • If the parent/guardian resides with a district resident, the district resident must provide the residency information for category one and up to two documents from category two. The parent/guardian must supply at least one proof of residency from category two. The ISBE Form 85-51, Affidavit of Enrollment and Residency, must be completed and signed.
  • If you are a non-parent seeking to enroll a student, you must complete and sign ISBE Form 85-51, Affidavit of Enrollment and Residency. You must also provide the residency information for category one and up to two documents from category two.

Falsifying residency information for the purpose of a child attending school in a district is a Class C Misdemeanor.

If a student is determined to be a non-resident of Moline School District for whom tuition must be charged, the person(s) enrolling the student is/are liable for non-resident tuition from the date the student began attending as a non-resident.

The Moline School District reserves the right to evaluate the evidence presented. Merely presenting the items listed in the documentation procedure does not guarantee admission.

If you are living with a Moline resident, please download and fill out a LETTER OF RESIDENCE FORM (Spanish).

If your child is living with a Moline resident, please download and fill out an EVIDENCE OF ENROLLMENT AND RESIDENCY (Spanish).

If you do not have a lease or rental agreement for your residence, download and fill out a LANDLORD IN LIEU OF LEASE (Spanish) form.
Affidavit of Enrollment and Residency (Spanish)
If the person signing the form is not able to be present at registration, the form MUST BE NOTARIZED.

When you register, don't forget:
  • Completed physical exam form (required for incoming pre-school, kindergarten, 6th grade, 9th grade, and new students)
  • Documented proof from a physician/medical professional of receipt of T-dap vaccination for students in 6th-12th grades
  • (for first year students) Certified copy of student's birth certificate issued by county, state, or other reliable proof of age & identity
  • Money for student book fee (make checks payable to Moline Board of Education)
  • Waiver of fees identification
  • Don't forget to join your school's Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
  • Medicaid/Link card
  • Phone numbers of emergency contact persons, & doctor

All families registering students in the Moline School System must live within the boundaries of Moline-Coal Valley School District No. 40 and within the boundaries of that school unless they have received transfer permission in writing from the Board of Education office. Families that fill out the registration form stating an address within Moline or Coal Valley must live at that address. If it is found that false information was provided to the school, and the student(s) live outside of Moline-Coal Valley School District No. 40, these families will be required to register their children within the community where they live. They will also be required to pay all out-of-district tuition and fees as provided by law for the time any children attended Moline or Coal Valley schools illegally.