T-Mobile HotSpot Program

The Moline-Coal Valley School District is pleased to announce that it has secured a limited number of WiFi HotSpots for families that do not have the means to secure internet at home.  These hotspots are powered by T-Mobile’s EmpowerEd program and the costs are covered by the school district through generous donations and grants. T-Mobile towers determine the speeds of the connection and the data is unlimited.
While the number of these hotspots is very limited in availability, they are meant to bridge the digital divide for students who cannot access online resources and remote learning.  The hotspot device is a district resource and is therefore covered by the District’s AUP, and Personal Device Policy. Additionally, the use of the hotspot includes acceptance of the specific T-Mobile HotSpot Agreement that is signed by students and parents/guardians.
To apply for a hotspot, at no cost to the family, please contact the Educational Technology Department, or our school's office to start the application process.