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Adobe PDF

PDF’s are common on websites to provide information that was written in a format not originally designed for the web. Browser’s have begun using a different system called a floating toolbar to hide the toolbar options when the tools are not needed. This is done to maximize the viewing area and only show the tools when they are needed. Below are instructions on how to print and save PDF’s that are displayed within a browser.

Verify you are viewing a PDF

Within the browser locate the white navigation bar at the top.
This is the area that is the web address of the website.
At the end of the address you will see the file name followed by a .pdf
Once you have confirmed you are viewing a PDF move on to the next section

Finding the Floating toolbar

The floating toolbar will be located at the bottom of the screen and depending on the browser will determine if it is in the center or the right
Safari, Firefox, and IE have the toolbar in the bottom center
Chrome will have the toolbar located on the bottom right
Printing the PDF

To print the PDF hover on the toolbar and you will see a picture of a printer.
Saving the PDF

To Save a PDF to your computer, hover over the tool bar and locate the picture that looks like a floppy disk.
Click on the picture of the floppy disk and a save dialogue box will appear. The process of saving is the same as doing a Save As from Microsoft Word

These are the steps to follow when printing a standard PDF document within the browser window.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this procedure, please e-mail