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HR Staff

Sarah Bartels
Employment and Benefits
(309) 743-8115
[email protected]

District Health, Life, Long Term Disability and Vision Insurance Programs; Retiree Health Insurance Program; Service Recognition Credit; COBRA Continuation; Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


Joan Cuppy
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]

Administrator’s Academy; Administrative Assistant/Custodial/Other (non-certified, salaried) Staff. Personnel files, vacancy notices, evaluations, Administrative Assistant testing, etc.; Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF); No Conflict List; ID Badges


Lori VanderVinne
Personnel Accountant
(309) 743-8117
[email protected]

Teacher and administrator salaries, personnel files and reports; certification; teacher retirements; seniority list; budget; FMLA leaves; lane advancements; coaching differentials


Tonnie Brown
Administrative Assistant
(309) 743-8116
[email protected]

AESOP Administrator; Paraprofessionals; Certified Hourly Instructors; Substitute Teachers; Substitute Paraprofessionals; Personnel files, vacancy notices, evaluations. Workers’ compensation; Association day, emergency personal business leaves, prescription safety glasses program, ID Badges


Sharon Cross
Administrative Assistant
(309) 743-8112
[email protected]

Receptionist; Switchboard; District Mail Operator; Applitrack; Student Teachers; Fingerprints; Employees; Interpreter; ID Badges