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1. Do you have online teacher applications?

Yes, Applitrack is used by the district for online employment applications.


2. What is required to complete my teacher application?

Your completed on-line application file must include a copy of your Illinois teaching certificate, a copy of your transcripts, three letters of recommendation or a copy of your college credential file, and a cover letter and résumé.


3. How long do you keep teacher applications on file?

Your online teacher application will remain active until October 1st of each year.  At the end of this time, we will inactivate all online applications.  If you would still like to be considered for a position in our district for the coming school year, please use the "Continue/Modify" link on our application web site and enter your password when prompted.  By doing this, you will automatically be reactivated in our files.


4. Where do you post job vacancies?  Do I need to apply for each specific job vacancy?

Expected vacancies are posted on Applitrack and the Illinois Education Job Bank. It is not necessary to apply for each individual posting you may be interested in; you need only list your area of interest. For example, if a vacancy for a science position at the high school and a vacancy for a science position at a middle school were both posted, you need only submit one application that indicated your interest in science. You would automatically be considered for both positions.


5. Is it necessary to fill out an administrative application for each administrative vacancy?

Yes, each administrative application is for a specific administrative vacancy.


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