Learning @Home (online resources and info)

Technology-Assisted Learning Resources @ Home
Students wanting to access our digital online resources at home can access all programs by using the link below. Students must be using a device that uses Google Chrome Web Browser and use their school login.
Student Login Example
User Name: (Graduation year)(First four letters of last name)(First three of first name)
Password: (First four letters of last name)(Last four of school ID # )
Example Johnny Smith is in kindergarten and his ID # is 987654321
User name: 32smithjohn
Password: smit4321
Student ID # can be found via the skyward app under student information
If you are using a device like and IPAD or Tablet it may ask for your to download the specific APP
Imagine Learning Site Code: 1608697   
ST-Math activation is Username: GEO4Q6  Password: LWXHS87S
  • Both Imagine Language and Literacy and ST-Math can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.
Math Instructional Videos and Practice
My Math
Click on the links below to view.