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The City of Moline is pleased to announce two new housing assistance programs:  Emergency Rental & Utility Assistance Program (Emergency Assistance) and Homebuyer Down Payment/Closing Cost Assistance Program (Homebuyers).  
Inability to pay rent and utilities has been identified as one of the main causes of homelessness throughout the United States.This Emergency Assistance program will provide assistance to Moline’s residents who are in danger of becoming displaced due to their inability to pay their monthly rent or utilities.
Owning a home is part of the American Dream. The Homebuyers program will help support this dream by providing funds to income eligible households to purchase an existing or newly constructed home in the City of Moline. The Homebuyers program was created to provide forgivable loans to low-moderate-income homebuyers to acquire a home in the City of Moline.  
Please contact KJ Whitley, Community Development Program Manager, 309-524-2044, with any questions.


This service is available to Illinois Residents. They don't have to be an AT&T customer to apply. They can apply online and ask for more details at or call (855) 220-5211. Or go to for Spanish.

There is free installation, free in-home wifi, 2 free months of service, free installation, and no annual commitment; clients pay month to month.
Parents can choose one of two plans, depending on what speed they want: $10/mo +tax for 5-10MB/s or $5/mo +tax for 768KBP/s-3MB/s.
Plans get 150GB of data and are charged $10 for every 50GB they go over.

To apply:
Parents can apply one of three ways:
1) Show that at least 1 resident (and it doesn't have to be the person applying) uses SNAP benefits. They will have to show SNAP participant’s SNAP card without the participant name shown accompanied by a government issued ID with name and photo (front of card) or a copy of the SNAP participation or benefits letter from a local SNAP office with the SNAP participant’s name on it.
2) Have a current letter from a school that states a child in the home receives Free or Reduced lunch.
3) Demonstrate with form SSA 1099/W-2/Social Security Statement of benefits that household income is 135% or less of poverty guidelines.

ALL applicants have to provide a SSN, ITIN, or Tribal number. There is a credit check for all applicants as well.

Parents can choose to have a technician install the devices or they can get the equipment mailed to them and install it themselves.

Here are two links for more information:…