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Wilson Middle School » Lights on for Learning

Lights on for Learning




*This program is open to all current 6th, 7th and 8th grade Wilson Middle School students.  
*The program starts on Monday June 8th and ends on Friday June 26th.
*The program runs Monday through Friday (15 days total).
*There is no cost to participate.
*The program is for enrichment only...the courses offered are not credit bearing.
*Courses will utilize an online learning platform called Edgenuity and may also include additional activities provided through Google Classroom.
*Students must have a device and internet access.
*Courses will be facilitated by Moline School District certified teachers.
*Teachers will be available for student support for 3 hours per day. (specific times are yet to be determined)
*Lessons will take approximately 30 minutes per day per class  and students can work at their own pace any time during the day.
*The program has a "STEM" theme (science, technology, engineering, math).
*Courses offered are: (course descriptions are attached as a Word document
1.) IL Science
2.) IL Earth & Space Science
3.) Online Learning & Digital Citizenship
4.) Financial Math
*Students can enroll in one, two, three or all four courses.
*Enrollment is limited and on a first come first serve basis.
*Enrollment starts Thursday May 14th and ends on Thursday May 21st
If you would like to enroll your child in this program please complete the Google Form "parent permission form/student sign up" by clicking on this link.
If you have questions please contact:
Site Coordinator: Allison Glessner [email protected]
Parent Coordinator: Melissa Davila [email protected]org

Woodrow Wilson Middle School’s 21st CCLC L.O.F.L. Summer Enrichment Course Descriptions


1.) IL SCIENCE: Topics may include: Structure of the solar system, history of the Earth, the changing Earth, Earth’s atmosphere & weather, climate, matter & energy in the environment, organisms and the environment, the structure of matter and motion and forces. Due to a limited amount of time, not all topics will be covered.


2.) IL EARTH & SPACE SCIENCE: Topic may include: Structure of the universe, history of the Earth, Earth’s structure and plate tectonics, minerals and rocks, weathering & erosion, Earth’s atmosphere & weather, climate & climate change and Earth’s energy resources. Due to a limited amount of time, not all topics will be covered.


3.) ONLINE LEARNING AND DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP: This provides students with a comprehensive introduction to online learning, including how to work independently, stay safe, and develop effective study habits in virtual learning environments. Featuring direct-instruction videos, interactive tasks, authentic projects, and rigorous assessments, the course prepares students for high school by providing in-depth instruction and practice in important study skills such as time management, effective note-taking, test preparation, and collaborating effectively online. By the end of the course, students will understand what it takes to be successful online learners and responsible digital citizens.  Due to a limited amount of time, not all topics will be covered.


4.) FINANCIAL MATH: Connecting practical mathematical concepts to personal and business settings, this course offers informative and highly useful lessons that challenge students to gain a deeper understanding of financial math. Relevant, project-based learning activities cover stimulating topics such as personal financial planning, budgeting and wise spending, banking, paying taxes, the importance of insurance, long-term investing, buying a house, consumer loans, economic principles, traveling abroad, starting a business, and analyzing business data. Offered as a two-semester course for high school students, this course encourages mastery of math skill sets, including percentages, proportions, data analysis, linear systems, and exponential functions. Due to a limited amount of time, not all topics will be covered.