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Wilson Middle School » School Policies

School Policies

Access to WMS

Security measures are in place for the safety of our students. All doors will be locked during the day. To gain access to the main office, visitors will use a buzzer to communicate with office staff. With access to a security camera viewing the front entrance, a Wilson staff member will ask visitors to identify themselves and the reason for the visit before they will allow access.

This added safety measure has been supported by the Wilson Student Congress and Crime Stoppers organizations.

Student ID's, Absences, and Flow Patterns for Drop off/Pick Up
Policy for Students Leaving During the School Day

Advanced Written Notice:
If a student needs to leave school for any reason, the student is required to bring a note to the main office stating the reason for leaving and the time the parent will be here to pick them up. The office will issue the student a pass to leave the classroom at the appropriate time, sign out in the office, and meet the parent in the parking lot. (The parent does NOT have to come in to the office to sign the student out if a note is sent.)

NO Advanced Written Notice:
The parent who is picking up the student(s) will need to come to the main office in person and sign the student out. If the parent is having an adult not listed as an emergency contact pick them up, a signed note is required giving them permission to take the student. Wilson Middle School will not pull a student out of class unless the parent is present and has signed the student out. Please do not call the office asking to have your student(s) pulled out of class ahead of time.

Policy for Medication at School

Medication in school is not normally a part of education. However, medication is allowed by the Moline Board of Education during school hours when:

1. A doctor says the medicine must be given during the school day to allow the student to attend school.

2. The District medication forms are available in the school office. They must be completed by the doctor, signed by the parent and be on file in the school. Forms are needed for non-prescription drugs including cough drops, Tylenol, etc. Medication should be brought to the school office and picked up by the parent or another responsible person, not the student. Students using inhalers for asthma control, epi-pens for bee stings, diabetic monitoring or other medicines or treatments must have a doctor's written note to "self-administer" their medication.

Policy for Student Appearance (Dress Code) et al.
Cell Phone/Electronics Policy

Cell Phones and Personal Digital Devices in school is not normally a part of education. However, there are some classes that are implementing a pilot program called BYOD: Bring Your Own Device. Other than these instances where students are instructed to bring the digital devices to class, the following cell phone/electronics policy applies:
"In/Around Wilson" Behavioral Expectations

Lunch Line and Cafeteria Expectations including after lunch "recess" and re-entering the building

Hallway, Bathroom and Morning Rec Expectations

Classroom, Library, Locker Room, and Auditorium Expectations