Behavior Intervention » Help student start assignment

Help student start assignment

Why should I do it:

  • Some students get overwhelmed by too much information on a page
  • Students who are dealing with ADD/ADHD tend to have difficulties with breaking up assignments
  • Provides student with small, frequent, attainable goals


When should I do it:

  • When a student shows signs of being overwhelmed
  • When you are aware of an ADHD/ADD diagnosis either by school or outside school
  • When student is reluctant to complete work


How do I do it:

  • Take a blank sheet of paper and cover up every item other than what you want the student to complete. After they complete that, teach them to move the sheet down
  • Determine what might be hardest/easiest for student. Have them do the easy items or the hard items first, which ever they prefer
  • Allow a break after student completes a portion of the work