Behavior Intervention » Tier I Interventions for Lying/Cheating

Tier I Interventions for Lying/Cheating

  • Before you start, a few important points:
    *Try multiple interventions
    *Each intervention must be tried for at least 2 weeks
    *Collect and track specific data on each intervention tried and the effect of each intervention over the time it was implemented
    *After at least 6 weeks, you may consider moving to tier 2 interventions. You must submit your tier 1 data to and speak with your building administrator before moving to tier 2 as well.

    Tier I interventions for Lying/Cheating:
    *Click on interventions for additional information, forms, and resources
  • Acknowledging positive behavior
  • Avoid power struggles
  • Call parent or note home
  • Card Flip
  • Logical consequence
  • Reflection sheet
  • Review PBS expectations and rules
  • Speak in calm and neutral tone
  • Take away privileges
  • Talk away unstructured or free time
  • Talk one on one with student
  • Talk to parent
  • Teach conflict resolution skills
  • Teach coping skills
  • Teach relationship skills
  • Teach social skills