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Strategic Planning/Pace Goals

2022 - 2023 District Strategic PACE Goals

People Continue to aggressively recruit and retain diverse staff by ongoing engagement with alternative
licensure programs, enhancing the student Grow Your Own Career Pathway, and establishing new partnerships with Career Centers at regional
institutions of higher education, including
Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
Train all District counselors to become certified Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructors and implement a district-wide training initiative for all teaching and support staff to be better
equipped to identify student mental health needs and link them to the proper supports.
Achievement Narrow the student performance gap on both the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KIDS) and the percent of 8th graders taking and passing Algebra across four student groups, per the new
Illinois State Board of Education metric called the
Equity Journey Continuum Rubric. The four groups
include those students that qualify for Free or
Reduced lunch; those that qualify for an
Individualized Education Plan (IEP), English
Language Learners; and by Race and Ethnicity.

Through targeted administrator professional learning with the NWEA MAP Assessment, standardize student goal-setting practices across the district for the purpose of accelerating individual student academic growth and learner outcomes.

Increase career pathway offerings for MHS students by identifying the top four high interest career clusters through the Xello Assessment that are currently under represented and coordinate through the Work-Based Intermediary, to develop business partnerships and work-readiness student
experiences in those new pathways such as an internship, apprenticeship, or other relevant career exposure.

Community Interpret and utilize annual 5Essentials stakeholder survey data, through targeted professional learning, to increase parent response rates to 50% and improve survey ratings in the Meaningful Parents/Family & Student Engagement Strategies Category by 10%. Increase stakeholder engagement and communication by standardizing expectations, tools, and consistency for communication at both elementary and secondary schools for the benefit of all stakeholders.
Environment Increase the district average by 5% on Panorama Social-Emotional Learning benchmark data by improving students’ sense of belonging and strengthening teacher-student relationships. Implement a revised District Code of Conduct with
consistency and fidelity, across all schools, to ensure safe and structured learning environments for all students.