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Facility Rentals & Usage

The Moline-Coal Valley CUSD 40 facilities are available for rent when not required for instructional user or in-district events.  Various rules apply to organizations that wish to rent our facilities.  Please follow the links below to learn more. 

Email Todd Boerema ( for more information and inquiries.  

Required Documents and Acknowledgement of facility rental. 
Rules and regulations for use of school facilities


Please Review School Board Policy 8:120 for Facility Use

The school facilities of Moline-Coal Valley CUSD 40 are available to rent for various school and community groups according.  The following guidelines must apply to any facility rental:

  • In all instances, use by the schools for school purposes will have priority over use by any other group. School personnel shall avoid conflicts with previously scheduled outside group activities.
  • Groups and organizations, both school and community, shall provide adequate supervision and control. Charges for damage that occurs as a result of any rental shall be due upon receipt of invoice from the Board of Education.
  • All individuals and groups who have authorization to use facilities shall provide an appropriate Certificate of Insurance prior to use.
  • All requests for building usage shall be made through online process listed below.
  • Statement Regarding Honoring Facility Requests as per AP 8:20:

The District will attempt to honor Facilities requests for specific schools; however, the District reserves the right to determine which District-owned facility a group may use and similarly reserves the right to change a location at any time. The District’s determination (either as to the initial location or a change in location), will be based upon the following considerations: a. The requested location is being used by a school or student group, which takes precedence, or there is a scheduling conflict with another previously approved facility rental. b. The location experiences a maintenance issue (e.g., HVAC, water, other unforeseen facility concern) or is scheduled for a construction project such that the group cannot safely meet at the location and/or the group’s presence at the location would hinder the maintenance or construction project. c. Whether the group’s use of a facility causes a material and substantial disruption to the learning environment or the proper and orderly operation of the school or school activities, which includes, but is not limited to, a threat to student and/or staff safety. d. Whether the location can safely accommodate the size of the group seeking to use it. e. Whether an unforeseen emergency or Act of God, such as a weather-related emergency, renders the use of a location impracticable or unsafe. The District may revoke a group’s or organization’s Facilities Use Agreement if the District determines that the group’s or organization’s use of the District’s facilities has 1) interfered with school function or affected the safety or students or employees; 2) resulted in damage or the District’s property or affected the liability of the District; or 3) has otherwise violated the terms of the Facilities Use Agreement, including but not limited to payment of the initial deposit or rental fee(s), if applicable.

Requesting Rental Dates for District Facilities
Moline-Coal Valley Schools has implemented ML Schedules for facility rentals for new and existing rental agreements. 



Instructions for Creating an Account with ML Schedules for Requesting Facility Rental

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